Saturday, December 20, 2008


The winning gingerbread house- not mine or Raleigh's- but it was really, really good!
Above: Raleigh and Alex. Below: My small group's house. Supposed to be the Polar Express theme...
A group of people from Nogfest!
Raleigh and Ryan.
So last year, when Christmas came around, Raleigh and I had only been down here for a few months. We decided to do this big Christmas party called Nogfest. We watch a Christmas movie, everyone who wants to brings a decorated gingerbread house (it's a voting contest), we have an "ugliest sweater" contest, and there are lots of other prizes, food, and of course, eggnog. It was a hit last year, and I'd say it went over pretty well again this year. We really had a great time.

And, I am so happy for today! Thank you Lord for a Saturday where there's nothing on the calendar. I can honestly say that this hasn't happened since..September or August, can't remember exactly when, but it's been SO long. So Raleigh and I are just catching up on some housework, and this afternoon will do our Christmas shopping! On Monday we are taking off for Oregon so that is really exciting too. That's all for now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

So many updates!

The birthday dinner that Raleigh made- and he brought roses!
Raleigh's gift. A spa package that he made! I'm impressed.
Raleigh making dinner! :)

So many things have happened in the last week, it's kinda crazy. Today is my birthday, and so on Saturday Raleigh and I went to Disneyland to celebrate. It was a crazy day, not really the best to be honest. We got there, and had to buy a black-out pass (which we've never done), and the lines just to buy tickets were SOOO long. Over an hour just to get into the park!! Then, on the second ride we went on, my iPhone (paid for by the company I work for) got lost on the Indiana Jones ride. Talk about a bad day!! I was so upset, at first not just because it was a phone that I lost, but because it belonged to the company, and I just felt awful. Then, in the next few days to come, I realized how pathetically dependent I am on my phone! Does anyone else feel that way? I didn't know it till I had to go a long time without it. Uhhgg.

Anyway, we made it a good day. Then, tonight (just a while ago!) Raleigh made dinner, and we sat down to a nice meal together in celebration! I am so very thankful for Raleigh, and for everyone that made this day special!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Kristina making cookies in my kitchen. :)
The Ocean Beach funky tree in San Diego.

Kristina, my sweet sister, came over this weekend and we hung out. It's great that she's at BIOLA and we are here in the desert, just about two hours apart. So, she came over on Friday then we went to San Diego to visit our grandma on Saturday. Then we made Christmas cookies together! It was just fun. Kind of a tiring weekend, but a good one. I'm so thankful for Kristina as my sister! Here are some pictures.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Oregon!

David, Kristina, Raleigh, and me on a walk in the woods!
Kristina's 21st birthday!
David eating his Thanksgiving meal. I had to take a picture, because he eats A LOT!! :)
Kristina and me going for a jog, trying to run off some of those calories!

We had such a great time in Oregon with our families. It was just one thing: REFRESHING. So great to just hang out with our families, and relax! We didn't do much, which was awesome! Here are some pictures. Kristina's 21st birthday was the day after Thanksgiving, so we did NOT do any shopping, but just hung out and celebrated her birthday. I have to admit, I LOVE a good steal of a deal, but was thankful to not be out in the crowds that day. I really do not like crowds! Anyway, that's about it. Here are the pictures.