Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Chapter in Life

Well it's been a LONG time since I've blogged!! But I think I have a good excuse....on Mother's Day I found out that I'm going to be a mother! That's right...I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant!!! So for the last month or so I've been feeling pretty crummy and thus, not feeling like doing anything extra like blogging. Not to mention that there was really nothing else in life to blog about except this!

Raleigh and I are so excited about having a baby! I'm due on January 6th, 2011. I was actually pregnant during our half marathon but didn't know it! So weird! So far the 2 ultra sounds we've had have gone well. The baby is in there and the heartbeat is strong, they said. I was really nauseous the first 4 weeks or so. It was really hard to get rid of the nausea. But around 9.5 or 10 weeks, I started feeling better! I'm getting closer and closer to feeling more like normal which is a great feeling. :)

In the picture above: Don't worry, I'm not even pretending to have a belly here. But Laura (my sister-in-law) was visiting, and she was about 22 weeks at that time, I was about 7. :) We just had to capture the moment! The picture below...I don't remember what week that was, like 9 or 10. The first I really felt like I had a bit of a new pooch, even though you can't really tell in this picture. I'll maybe post one again soon of me now, which isn't big, but still.