Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wesley Adam

Wesley Adam Willard has arrived! Our baby boy came into this world on January 8th, 2011 at 9:25am. He was 8lbs 5oz and 20.5in long. He's healthy and beautiful and we absolutely LOVE him!!! Someday I may post about the whole labor experience but that may be when I actually have some time. :-) It's amazing how much time a little baby can take. For now, here are a few of my favorite pics (they are in reverse order...not because I don't know how to reverse them but because I am either lazy or have no time since I'm a new mom!):

We are home!!
In the hospital :)

This was the moment they laid him on me (or very close to it).
This one is Raleigh going out into the waiting room and telling our families!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update, Due Date

Tomorrow is my due date! I say that not because I'm expecting anything to magically happen but just because I can't believe it's here! I am both proud of myself for making it through the whole pregnancy and yet also I feel like it's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far so I'm very, very thankful for that.

As for an update....I've been having contractions since Jan. 1 but nothing consistent. The most consistent was yesterday, and it lasted for about 2 hours. Then I've been having them just now for the past hour at least. I also have them at other times but again, nothing consistent or that I could really time and keep track of. Still, it's exciting! And it makes me hope I could possibly go into labor soon!

I have an induction date scheduled also which is January 14th at 8PM. So most likely Baby would come on the 15th (which would be cool because my birthday is Dec. 15, Rals is Aug. 15, and we were married on July 15th). BUT....I would way rather have this baby come earlier!! If not in the next few days...maybe 1/11/11...?? At least we have a few cool date options here.

Besides majorly craving sugar and being a little bored (a horrible combination by the way!), I'm doing very well. Rals and I are just so excited for this baby to come. More updates later I'm sure.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well Christmas has come and gone and now our focus is on getting this baby here safe and sound!! But first...a review of our Christmas season. It was a wonderful one! We spent Christmas Eve with my family here at our place. Raleigh had to work on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day (this was definitely the biggest bummer of the time...) so our schedule was a little tricky. After doing gifts and going to our new church's Christmas Eve service downtown Portland, I said good-bye to my family and headed over to McMinnville to be with the Willard side of the family for Christmas Day. Raleigh came there late that night and was able to spend Christmas morning with all of us. Adam and Laura (Raleigh's brother and wife) were there with their sweet little baby Ben! It's so fun to be an aunt!

We also had a great New Year's. Raleigh had the whole weekend off (making up for Christmas I guess...?) so we had a nice time just laying low and taking it easy. We also got a lot done for this baby's arrival and I'm beginning to feel more caught up. I hope the baby comes soon!! But I'm not holding my breath....my due date is the 6th and I'm guessing he/she will be late. I hope I'm wrong though. Ok, here are some pictures (unfortunately I don't have many!):

Willard family (didn't get a picture of my side of the family...bummer!)
Raleigh and me with baby Ben
Christmas Eve...Raleigh sure does look nice! :)