Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ahhh blackberry season. I love this season because blackberries are all over the place here and they're free!!! Today I went for a run and was just kicking myself for not bringing along a container of some kind to pick. I cannot resist free berries! I went on a route I normally don't go on (had to return a redbox so I figured why not kill 2 birds with one stone and jog there?) so I didn't know there would be so many gorgeously peeking blackberries! But there were. And as I'm jogging next to them I'm trying to think of how I could shove them in the stroller or empty my water bottle to put them in there or just eat them all. :) But I didn't....Maybe I will go back there tomorrow and pick.

Needless to say...they are YUMMY. I'm very thankful for Blackberry season in the Northwest!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bob and Wesley

Well here are the two things I'm thankful for today: Bob and Wesley. Bob being my BOB jogging stroller that we got on craigslist that allows me to jog! I absolutely love it. It keeps me sane, in shape, and healthy. And how could you not love that smiling face peeking out from there?!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thankful for...??

No picture today people, sorry. The last 3 days have been tough ones to think of things to be thankful for. But, every day I have still found things to dwell on.

The days have been rough because once again my 7-month-old is teething. And he is super cranky. And doesn't sleep as well. And just seems unhappy, which makes me sad. :( Oh and he has a VERY loud voice., I am thankful for HIM. Yes, I am thankful for Wesley. Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I am so glad I have him. When Raleigh left for work today, I cried (call me a wimp but I did). I didn't think I could take a 3rd day in a row of this (oh, and did i mention that my amazing family even came yesterday and stayed 6 hours longer than they were going to because I begged them not to go? they were awesome- another thing I'm thankful for!). But as he left for work, on a Sunday morning, I thought, ya know, this day would be more sad if I were by myself! Call me crazy but it's true! I would be lonely, not sure what to do with myself for the next 10 hours, and probably kinda down/depressed. But at least I am being a mom and taking care of our sweet boy that the Lord has entrusted us with.

Thank you, Lord, for that. Thank you that I have Wesley, even though at times he does give me a run for my money. Thank you. So much.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comfy Living

Today I'm thankful for the place that I live. We live in a beautiful condo complex that is homey, comfy, safe, and possibly a little luxurious. It was our number one choice among the other apartments or condos that we looked at when we moved here. I love it!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm back! It's been 2 months...yikes!! And I have a new idea for my blog!

I've decided I am going to turn my blog into a weekly or daily "I'm Thankful For..." blog. I will post a picture (hopefully) of what I'm thankful for on that day or for that week and just a quick explanation of why. I'm hoping this will be encouraging to anyone out there reading.

This is something I've really been convicted of lately. In any time of life, you can find things to grumble and complain about. But the most important thing is to focus on what you're thankful for. I believe this is the best way to find contentment- remaining thankful for what you DO have.

So today, I start with one of the biggest and probably the most obvious thing I'm thankful for:
My amazing husband and my precious little boy.

Life would be stale without them.

They are what gets me up in the morning.

They are pure joy to my soul.

Thank you, Lord, for Raleigh and Wesley.