Sunday, January 18, 2009

Newport Beach Escape

Raleigh and I had an awesome weekend in Newport Beach, CA. We have lived down here now for a year and a few months, and have never really explored the Southern California beaches. We were there for only about 24 hours (Sat-Sun), but we had a blast. Raleigh found us a really good deal at the Hyatt, so we stayed there, and shopped at Fashion Island, went out to eat, even ordered room service for breakfast! Neither of us had done that before and I told Raleigh that since he found such a great deal for us, we could splurge a little. We spent Sunday morning reading on the beach and just talking. It was beautiful weather, and just an overall great weekend!
Room service for breakfast!
Here I am holding up my iPhone next to the gigantic one! I love Apple stores. :)

Raleigh and me at the beach. Raleigh and the biggest donut we've ever seen- of course we had to buy it and eat it!


Webb Family said...

Isn't NB great! we missed it a lot when we moved....especially the restaurants and riding our bikes to the beaches! glad you enjoyed it. you should go back... still plenty to do there!

Family of 5 said...

HOw fun! Love the pics of the beach, how beautiful! Glad you got an opportunity toget away and just be together!

Ackerfam said...

WOw...I want to vacation there too!! Looks like beautiful weather! Get all the getaways in now before the kiddos come! :)