Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love good deals, like most women do. And coupons can make for some really, really good deals, if they're good coupons. I admit I'm not one to cut coupons for 35 cents off of a $3 bag of skittles. To me, not really worth it! I like the kind of coupons like, $10 off a purchase of $10 or more, or, $5 off your next shopping trip, 50% off anything including sale items, stuff like that. Today I would say I did pretty well with coupons! I had a few I needed to use before they expired, and here's what I got:

Above picture, total cost: 56 cents!!! Great coupons, along with all of these items already being on sale.

Above picture, total cost: 72 cents!!! Scrapbooking stuff I needed (already on sale, doesn't hurt!) and a greeting card. Oh yeah!

So that's about it...if you have good coupon stories feel free to share!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Terry told me about your coupon story at dinner tonight, so I figured I better scroll past your "at home" piece and see it what he was talking about (now that I am home for the evening.) I LOVE your frugality (the photos were a nice touch too.) Trust me when I say I have taken my share of beatings for being "cheap", but I look at it as an extension of my efficiency, which - by the way - is genetically predisposed. ;)

Okay, here's MY story, and it's recent too. On our way to take Laura to the airport one week ago tonight, I had Terry stop at Cascade Station (where IKEA is) as I needed a new pair of running shoes. I went to Sports Authority to see if they had Saucony, the brand I like (they did), while Adam and laura looked for some fast food. II don't buy running shoes often, so when I do, I buy good ones. The pair I decided on were $40 off, which put them at about $89 (I know, but they last a LONG time.) When I got to the counter (and remember, I didn't have much time to shop) I asked if they had any coupons. The gal said they had a $25 off coupon if you purchased $100. Well, it didn't take long for me to do the math. I told her, "hold on" and I dashed to the sale rack, found a pair of shorts for $16 (regularly $20) and hurried back to the counter (where Terry was wondering where I had gone) and ended up paying about $10 less than I would have if I had only purchased the shoes alone! The way I look at it, I got a FREE pair of shorts and $50 off the shoes! :) Yeah!!

Of course Adam wanted to argue the point when i told him store are legally obligated to tell you about coupons if you ask, but that's another story. ;)