Friday, August 27, 2010

Trip # 3&4 of the Summer

This summer has been so busy for us! After our trip to Texas, we got to go to San Diego because my family was vacationing there! It was a lot of fun. The day before we went, Raleigh officiated a wedding!! He did such a great job. There's a picture of him at the very bottom of this post. I was so proud of him. :-) San Diego was so much fun, and it was great for us to get out of our bad weather, into the perfect weather over there.

Then, Raleigh's parents came to visit! Since it's summer here and it was Raleigh's birthday, we decided to get out of town with them as well! We went to Newport Beach, one of our favorite places to hang out. Enjoy the pics. :) And our last trip of the summer is coming up in 2 weeks....we're going to NEW YORK!!! I'm so excited!

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