Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Job!!

Hey everyone, just thought I'd write about my job, 'cause most people reading this are from back in Oregon, and don't really know about it.

We have been down here now for a little over a year (weird!) and I haven't had success with jobs at all up until Sept. All last year and especially in the Spring/Summer I was looking for teaching jobs like crazy. But with the California budget crisis, districts were laying off teachers like crazy and it was looking SO bad for me getting a job. And, I didn't get a teaching job. So I looked for other things, and God provided me with the job I have now!

I work for a small company called Ministry Centered Technologies. Right now the only program they have is Planning Center Online ( if you want to check it out). It's a worship planning program that allows worship leaders at churches to quickly and very effectively plan worship services. Thousands of churches around the world use it. It's pretty cool. The guy who owns the company and created the program is one of my friends so that is kind of how I got this job. So....MY job is the Community Support Director. I do many things but my biggest priority is to answer phone calls and emails when people need support with the program. I also have been doing some tutorial videos and in the future will be doing some podcasts, which will be fun, 'cause I'll post them on the blog! It's so great. It's not stressful, it's fun, and the two guys I work with are really great Christians and fun guys. It's a full time job, so it keeps me busy. I've had to become very techy very quickly. :)

I never thought I'd be doing anything else besides teaching, and when God took me through such a dry time with NO JOBS, I never thought he'd give me something so fitting and so perfect for me right now. It just is such a reminder that when He says no to something, it's because He has something even better in mind. But that is very hard to see sometimes! I'm SO thankful for my job, and love it.

So, if your church ever needs a great worship planning tool, you know who to talk to. :) It's not very expensive and it's really easy to learn how to use. That's all for now! We are going to Mexico this weekend and then Seattle next week so I'll write about that and post pictures later.


Family of 5 said...

HOw cool! I wondered if you were teaching right answered my question! :) I'm sure your great at whatever you do!

Sounds like a fun couple weekends you have coming up...Mexico for vacation? :) It's great to see your smiley faces on the blog! I miss you!

Jason and Lauren Bernard said...

hey there! looks like your job is pretty fun...way different from teaching it sounds like! It is so crazy to think that you have been down there for over a year now.

Ackerfam said...

Sounds like a great job! I'll have to tell AJ about it :)