Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pi Day, Spring Disneyland

Today Raleigh and I headed over to Disneyland for the day. We haven't been since January, and are trying to get there once a month before our passes expire in June. Well, this was the WRONG day to go. Raleigh and I agreed that it was the busiest we had ever, ever seen it- even in the summer, and even busier (barely) than Christmas! I don't get it- but whatever. :) It took us a fully hour from the time we turned into the long line of cars just to get into the parking garage, to when we actually walked in the park. And we even left 3 hours earlier than we'd planned to because it was so busy. Rides were too long, lines for food were too long..uhhgg. But, we still had fun. And Kristina met us there, so that was extra great.

It does make me wonder, though, does the media make up this recession? Of course I know the real answer to that, but if you were to go to Disneyland, you would never even guess anything was wrong with our economy- in fact, you'd think it was thriving! With tickets at $80 each, oversized rice krispie treats at $4 each, and a normal turkey sandwich at $8, you'd think people would stay away. Anyway it was just an interesting day, but of course, Disneyland is always fun. We went on a few of our favorite rides and just hung out, taking in the environment. We walked around Downtown Disney for a while too, which was really fun. There were some places we had never seen! Anyway I'll stop blabbing. But here are some of our pictures:

Beautiful spring tree. I miss these!

Kristina and I were on the train for Big Thunder Railroad and Raleigh got a picture. :)
Spring picture by the castle with a lovely tree!
Raleigh in line with all the kids, to go down a slide. :)

So on another note, yesterday was Pi Day (3-14 for 3.14) so we decided to have an event for Encounter. We had a pie-baking contest. There weren't as many people that showed up as we were thinking, but it was still a lot of fun. And I won!! Even though there were only 4 pies. :) haha. Oh well- Best Overall Pie, and best crust. It was yummy!

Brittany won best presentation- and there are our awards.
The pies.

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Family of 5 said...

Yum, those pies look delicious! :) Way to go Katie!
And oh the sun, it looks so nice in CAli! How fun to get to spend the day there, even though it was busy!