Sunday, June 14, 2009

Raleigh and I just got back from Oregon today. We had SUCH an amazing time up there. GREAT weather (well for me, 'cause I like the cool and the rain) and we just had such great time with both families. Not too much to explain, but wanted to post some pics! We primarily were there for David's graduation but had a great time doing other things as well.

Karen and Raleigh at Mo's on the coast.
Strawberry picking! 4 full buckets with the Willards. Yum.
At the beach.
The whole family at David's graduation- so proud of him!!
I like this one of the 4 of us :)

So also...we bought a Wii because Raleigh and I are officially DEBT FREE!!!!! We've been working really hard and staying really disciplined for the last year (at least) and do not owe anything. So as our reward we bought a Wii. I'm excited to try out the Wii Active.

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Acker Family said...

Sad we couldn't see you-but I know you guys were busy! So glad you were able to come and relax with family! I wish I had those strawberries you picked-yum!