Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raleigh's New Job

So I can't remember if I've written about Raleigh's new job yet, but here is some explanation and pictures! He got hired about a month ago by Marriott to be the host of a Nickelodeon Gettaway show that the Marriott puts on for any families that stay there. He is the host (or emcee...) or the whole thing. They do one "show" Friday night, then character breakfasts on Saturday morning (complete with Spongebob and Dora) and then two shows on Saturday afternoon. Then they do another character breakfast and good-bye thing Sunday morning. So yes, he works all weekend, and I work all week! Pretty opposite schedules right now but that's OK, 'cause this is a really great opportunity.

This whole week he's had rehearsals with Marriott corporate managers coming in, and a Nickelodeon producer from Orlando. They have given Raleigh nothing but huge compliments! They seriously think he's the greatest. It's been such a positive exerience so far and it's pretty cool, because we get discounts now at all Marriott hotels! :) Of course, we can never go anywhere 'cause we don't have even one common day off together, but oh well! So here are some pictures- the shows consist of Nickelodeon games, including SLIME.

"Mass Slime" event. Everyone could slime themselves if they wanted to. I don't get the excitement behind it, but kids do.Here's a view of the pool, then leading up to the "beach" area where he does the show.
I thought this waterfall area of the pool was pretty sweet!

So the pool gets more and more shallow until you can walk right out of it, then walk onto the sand.
Inside the hotel- I guess they are kinda famous for this stairway- and I can certainly see why!

Raleigh in action :)Here he is behind the desk he's at to greet all the kiddos when they come.
He gets to slime kids- that is the REWARD for winning! Am I old, or does that not sound like a reward?!

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Acker Family said...

What a fun job!! And fun that you got to go and hang out! Is this a seasonal thing or permanent?