Thursday, December 3, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Well, as I already knew, I work for an amazing company. This last weekend we got the privilege to drive up to Vegas to do a company retreat. Although there are only 3 of us who work in the office, we have several other employees around the nation, and Jeff wanted to gather us all together (including spouses!) to do a Christmas party/company retreat. It was a lot of fun and for Rals and me, a first to be in Vegas! We got to do a lot of fun things, even though we were only there for 2 nights, 1 full day. Here are some pictures below to document. :)

On the drive over there.
I really like this picture. We went "the back way" which was crazy...lots of back roads but it was an incredible drive.

Laser Tag- it was a lot of fun.

Me in front of the fountain at the Bellagio.

Rals got to go to the Hoover Dam on the day we employees had our meeting.

A shot of the Dam.

Rals and me in front of the entrance to the show LOVE.

The whole crew in front of LOVE entrance. The show was awesome!

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Kenny and Kimberly Stone said...

I have decided that you do work for an amazing company! That is so cool!