Friday, March 12, 2010

Half-Marathon Training

Rals and I decided to do a half-marathon this Spring! It was kind of our New Year's resolution. Mostly just a goal in life. And this, we figure, is the perfect time to do this and here's why:

-We live in a place where January-April is the perfect time of year as far as weather
-We have no kids
-We have very few commitments in the evenings/weekends that would make training difficult
-SINCE we have very few commitments...having a goal that is challenging is good for us

So we are currently at the end of week 5 of training, and I officially registered us this week. We're really doing it! It's hard to believe. I have NEVER been a runner so this has really been challenging for me. But it's really amazing how much your body improves. It's been fun so far, and something we can do together. The half-marathon is May 2nd in Orange County (Newport Beach FAVORITE area over there). I'll be sure to be posting about it after we accomplish it (providing that we do) and post some pictures!

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The Officer's said...

you go girl! I am impressed and inspired...can't wait to hear all about the race day!