Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raleigh's New Job

Raleigh finally settled on a decision a few weeks ago and has taken over as Supervisor of the Nickelodeon department at the Marriott here in our area! His technical title is Recreations Supervisor but it's really just over the Nick. crew. He's really, really liking it so far and it seems to be a good fit. They asked us for a 6-month commitment...so we are here in the desert for at least another 6 months. This means another summer......HELP ME!!! I was really counting on being gone from here before the summer but sometimes, the Lord just has different plans! The good thing is that we don't have to move somewhere random, like Albuquerque. :) We'll take our blessings as they come and count any trials as future blessings once we learn to grow through them. In the meantime, it's great to have Raleigh work a 40-hr. week job that advances him in the company!

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