Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise Weekend

This last weekend was SO much fun! Raleigh's parents, Terry and Karen, are celebrating their30th Anniversary today! A few months ago they planned to go to San Francisco to celebrate, which is the area that Adam and Laura (Raleigh's brother and his wife) live. So we knew that the 4 of them were going to be in the same area this weekend and Raleigh and I decided that we'd buy tickets to meet them up there..but as a surprise. Adam and Laura picked us up Friday night and we stayed with them. Then Saturday morning was when we surprised them. We were dropped off at the hotel they were going to check into while A&L went to the airport to pick them up. When they all got to the hotel to check in, we were waiting there for them in the lobby. They were SOOOO surprised!! It was very exciting. We had such a fun weekend walking everywhere you could imagine in San Fran, riding the ferry, the cable car, eating at fun places, and just spending some quality time together. We also surprised them with a book that the 4 of us kids did for them. It contained letters from friends and family congratulating them on 30 years, and a lot of pictures from the past. It was a lot of fun to get it all together. Here are some pictures to show our weekend:

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