Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ahhh blackberry season. I love this season because blackberries are all over the place here and they're free!!! Today I went for a run and was just kicking myself for not bringing along a container of some kind to pick. I cannot resist free berries! I went on a route I normally don't go on (had to return a redbox so I figured why not kill 2 birds with one stone and jog there?) so I didn't know there would be so many gorgeously peeking blackberries! But there were. And as I'm jogging next to them I'm trying to think of how I could shove them in the stroller or empty my water bottle to put them in there or just eat them all. :) But I didn't....Maybe I will go back there tomorrow and pick.

Needless to say...they are YUMMY. I'm very thankful for Blackberry season in the Northwest!!

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Sarah Officer said...

Me too Katie!! I went picking last week and picked at least 15 cups worth. I am going again this weekend! Yay for free berries! :)